We compose, not hard-code. We compose  solutions from a microservices library instead of integrating package systems. We compose processes with BPM and business rule engine instead of programming.

Our team combines technology know-how with in-depth banking knowledge

With innovations powered by Creative Dock we do not ask for specifications but develop solutions tailored to real customer preferences


Thanks to our green-field approach and use of up-to-date technology, everything is tailored to each client, including customized experience for each end-user.  We drill-down into each block of infrastructure with efficient use of cloud solutions, offering easy scaling, continuous deployment without large upgrades. Built greenfield, our solution is designed for fast implementation & quick changes, but we understand that connectivity is the holy grail of everything. We integrate modern 3rd parties through APIs - e.g., fintech partner with a cryptocurrency platform. We can also use RPA to quickly connect to obsolete, legacy IT systems. 

We are architects and company builders. Our products are disruptive startups on the edge of technology, designed to solve real problems, give customers a positive experience, and create future revenue streams for our clients.

Our passion is to contribute, make an impact and turn companies into successful businesses.


We know banking inside out. 

We offer business oriented product catalogue, covering financial products as well as related services. This allows fast product development, bundling and flexible pricing with loyalty schemes.

We have extensive experience across backoffice processes: account administration, domestic and foreign payments, cards, retail loans, mortgages, SME loans, corporate & syndicated loans, investments incl. Mifid II and PRIIPS, treasury, etc.

We have credit risk know-how in scoring, underwriting, early warning systems, collections. We have knowledge of Market risk and ALM.

You will also find Marketing, analytical and operational CRM in our banking portfolio.